Friday Favourites #2

Hello pretty people,

I hope you have a nice weekend planned. Mine will be filled with studying for the midterms, drinking the coffee and doing the laundry. BUT, I may try to sneak in some fall shoe shopping festivities at some point. Here are some things for you to enjoy from across the interwebzzzz:

2 thoughts on “Friday Favourites #2

  1. Wisam says:

    Zsuzsi Gartner! Keener :p

    PS Wisam autocorrected to “wuss”.

    PPS I know this isn’t the insightful comment you were hoping for.

    • Haha, whatever man it looks like a good book. And I like that demented baby.

      PS: pigeondesigns auto-correct knows best.

      PPS: At least you didn’t comment to ask me to send my notes!

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